The B1T is a compact, lightweight bass enclosure featuring the same very high quality 12” Trans-Coil driver as the B1 with the addition of a 1” tweeter that adds the high frequency extension preferred by some performers. Transcoil offers increased efficiency for greater clarity and output, very low distortion, high dynamics and a faster attack presenting the optimum load to any amplifier by virtue of its zero inductance. The 12” Transcoil technology found in Krampera products gives unprecedented definition that surpasses traditional multiple 10” designs.

Constructed from Baltic Birch with a protective polymer coating the B1 is designed to withstand the rigours of live environments. When used with the KVB 800 amplifier it becomes a powerful and portable bass guitar system enhanced further by the optional addition of the B1B 15” extension cabinet.



  • High quality bass guitar system for use at
    home, the studio or in a live enviroment
  • Scaleable system depending on the function.



  • Professional, Baltic Birch construction with wear
    resistant polymer coating.
  • 300 watt power handling capabilities.
  • 12” Trans-Coil woofer.
  • 1” Tweeter with adjustable level (0dB, -3dB, -6dB)
  • Compact and portable for easy handling.
  • Built in protection circuitry.
  • Indentical footprint for easy stacking of
    multiple cabinets.
B1T Specifications
Description High Resolution Bass Guitar Speaker System
Woofer Size / Voice Coil / Design
Horn Section
Recommended Power
12” / 2.5” / Trans-Coil
1” Tweeter with adjustable level (0dB, -3dB, -6dB)
300 watts
4 Ω
Built in Protection Circuitry
530mm (20.87”)
530mm (20.87”)
345mm (13.58”)
Model Number
Product Code
KVV 987 220