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The Krampera passion for Reality in music began many years ago..

The Krampera passion for Reality in music began many years ago. As early as the 1980’s George Krampera created REXX, arguably one of the best sounding Guitar amplifiers of its time and his passion for the evolution of musical performance continued from there.

Since that time, through his pioneering work at KV2 Audio he has begun to look at ways of creating very high definition Super Analogue Audio technology as well as the highest quality digital solutions. For transducers themselves he developed the Trans-Coil system. Unique to Krampera through KV2 Audio technology, Trans-Coil offers unprecedented speed and dynamics by improving the efficiency of the speaker whilst dramatically reducing the distortion and increasing the attack. The end result is a 12” speaker that responds much faster than virtually any other 10” speaker on the market and provides a very clear sound on stage, without the “boominess” associated with many other systems.

Central to the Krampera philosophy is an idea of lifting the atmosphere from an individual stage performance and delivering it to each and every member of an audience as if they were playing that instrument themselves.

George Krampera struggled to understand why somebody would speak so passionately, research so heavily and on many occasions travel the world before investing in a musical instrument – but then buy an amplification system which was known to “alter” that carefully chosen instrument’s sound.

Many famous amplifiers became renowned for their “smooth delivery” or a sound that “cuts through” In reality this design approach to TRUE audio reproduction effectively tramples on the tonality and personality of an individual instrument, producing virtually the same sound or effect whichever instrument is plugged in. In many cases the amplifier itself becomes the instrument rather than the other way round.

George Krampera’s vision has produced a range of products with incredible dynamics, unparalleled speed and unprecedented realism of colour. Products where the nature and individual nuances of each instrument form the largest part of its delivery.

If you care about the instrument you play – you should care about the instrument you and your audience hears.

Krampera Instrument amplification sets out to break through the boundaries of convention – offering brand new thinking, revolutionary technology and the highest possible natural definition in performance and delivery.