Marty Prior tours with Krampera

Marty is an experienced and well respected bass player who in the past has played with many big names and has recently completed an eight date UK tour with Gregg Wright (The Jackson’s, Michael Jackson, Mick Fleetwood).

Marty’s most recent tour saw him play to many respected professional musicians and music students who were unanimous in their appreciation of the Krampera KVB Bass Guitar System. Marty opted to pair the KVB 800 Amplifier with the B1T, 12” bass cabinet with tweeter, and the B1, 12” bass cabinet.

Paul Grady, Sound Engineer at Real World Studio (owned by Peter Gabriel), was engineering at the Keighley Blues gig and kindly sent his thoughts on Marty’s new system:

“Marty Prior’s new Krampera rig sounded awesome from start to finish. Listening to the soundcheck I was amazed at the consistency the amp had. Even when turned down the amp sound was exactly the same, just quieter – In particular the low end didn’t disappear at low volume. The amp has some pretty cool features too; the compression can be overdriven to give a really cool overdrive tone. All in all the amp sounded excellent and, with the colour coded lights for compression and EQ, it looked even cooler!”

Gregg Wright approached Marty during the first soundcheck and commented, “that rig of yours sounds PHAT, what have you changed?” This is high praise from someone who knows and feels what good bass should be after youring with The Jackson’s and Michael Jackson on the Victory Tour for two and a half years.

Below is a review of how the Krampera System performed at the Keighley Blues Club on November 4th 2011.


The Gregg Wright Band – Keighley Blues Club – 4th November 2011

The Gregg Wright Band played at our venue on 4th November 2011 and Marty Prior turned up with a new Krampera KVB Bass Guitar System that was making its first appearance as his main system.

A very compact rig with coordinated lighting between the amp head channels and floor pedal – always useful on a dark stage!

The B1T 12” cab had an adjustable horn and the lower cab was a 12” sub. The amp was di’d pre EQ direct to the desk via the multicore.

The first observation during the sound check was the projection across all frequencies from such a compact rig – wondered what it would be like with the audience in!

Two hours later and in front of a full house the rig didn’t disappoint – on the desk at the back of the room my trousers were flapping with the lower frequencies and yet the volume wasn’t loud – as above, the projection was equal. I wandered around the venue to check on the band’s sound overall and the bass filled the room.

It’s always difficult in 3 piece band to cover all bass frequencies when having to fill the sound out against a very loud lead guitarist but this rig did just that and made my job on the desk very easy!

Having dealt with many bands at all volumes over the years this was an impressive rig and one to be recommended for anyone wanting a portable highly spec’d bass set up. Marty Prior used a Sheldon Dingwall J 5 String bass to great effect & along with the Krampera rig provided a wonderful set of great bass playing and sound.