The Krampera Distribution Network Grows

The Musikmesse 2011 Show in Frankfurt saw the official worldwide launch of the Krampera KVB Bass Guitar System. During the show a number of important meetings were undertaken culminating in the appointment of several new distributors throughout Europe and the rest of the World.

“To launch an all new brand into a competitive market is always a challenge” says Alex Pagliani, Krampera’s EMEA Sales Director. “Especially when the Krampera KVB Bass Guitar System is an incredibly high quality boutique system aimed at the highest end of the bass guitar amplification world. We are bucking the current trend by keeping the design and manufacturing of Krampera products entirely within our EU based warehouse in the Czech Republic. This is the only way that we believe we can keep the level of performance that people expect from products associated with our parent company KV2 Audio.

“Krampera has begun with a single system which echoes the beginnings of KV2 Audio eight years ago. If we are fortunate enough to replicate the path undertaken with KV2 Audio this could be the first in a line of excellent Krampera instrument amplification products.”

With regards to distributors Alex adds the following “At the Messe we began appointing a number of core distributors all who share our excitement and fully believe in the quality of the Krampera product range. We are very quickly opening up new markets and we wish to thank everyone, from all our distributors to the musicians themselves, for believing in and getting behind the KVB Bass Amplification System.”

Please see the Sales page for a complete list of distributors.