Cerys Matthews Tour Blog

Following on from his previous tour blog, Andy “Wal” Coughlan continues to detail his experiences with the Krampera KVB Bass Amplification System, this time as part of Cerys Matthew Over Land and Sea Tour 2011.

BLOG: On Tour with Krampera’s KVB Bass Amplification System

Andy “Wal” Coughlan, Bassist for Cerys Matthews’ Over Land and Sea Tour 2011

Well here we go for tour number two with the Kramps rig (it has now earned a nickname?). A very different style awaits this time. The shows are to be very stripped back acoustic shows and mainly require double bass with a few electric numbers, rather than the other way round during its inaugral run out with Shaky. As the shows are acoustic shows you will see my lovely 70’s Epiphone Kalamazoo in sexy red, it has a nice old fashioned sound which is nice when you need a little more punch than an acoustic.

We started out at the Theatre Mwldan in Cardiganshire with two back-to-back shows. These are very dry and dead theatre rooms and I found the amp hardly ticking over but still retaining the clarity I hoped for without the need to crank it up. Great news!

You will see in the pictures that the cabs are split directly behind Cerys as she likes to hear the bass this way.

Again we used the DI from the KVB 800 Amplifier Head and Ben, our FOH engineer, would split the one send into two channels allowing him to set separate EQ’s for both basses. Not a word was mentioned regarding the DI, a sign that everything is working well!

The interesting thing on this tour is the range of acoustic instruments, from an Urd to a Banko/Ukulele etc. Within this situation the Krampera Rig delivered a highly accurate and precise sound that everyone was happy with.

Next up are a series of art centres and with these being all seated the show becomes a really intimate event although Cerys does let rip at the end so the amp gets to go up a bit.

The first problem we encounter is at St. Georges in Bristol. As it is a converted church building that is really suited to classical music nothing can be done in these rooms without treatment. The only option is to play a quietly as possible. The Krampera Rig does OK, although there is still a large amount of bass everywhere.

From this we go to two back-to-back theatre shows at the Brynceiniog. As mentioned in my earlier blog the facility for muting is essential as the temperature in these places changes so dramatically as people come in.

The venue in Lemington Spa features subwoofers under the stage which make sound check fun. However, as soon as the audience members enter any problem disappear with the tight and punch characteristics of the system performing incredibly.


It was a nice challenge to take the rig out on such a different environment and as usual it was totally reliable and delivered without fail in any acoustic setting it found itself in.

It has also been a busy amp in the studio with tracks for London DJ Pauljay, Luke Martens New York sessions. The DI output with slight compression records a treat. Audio clips to follow soon.

Next up is the Martyn Joseph Tour. Bye for now Wal