Krampera on Tour

Neath Music, KV2 Audio’s South Wales specialist, were the recent recipients of the first UK presentation of Krampera’s brand new KVB Bass Amplification System.

Featuring design and technology by KV2 Audio the KVB system offers brand new thinking, revolutionary technology and the highest possible natural definition in terms of performance and delivery.

Neath Music’s owner and resident bassist Adrian Bamford felt that the best way to test the powerful and feature-rich system was to enlist the services of a renowned session and touring bass player.

Enter Andy Coughlan. A Welshman born and bred in Swansea Andy realised that the staple diet of Rugby or Football did not hold as appealing a future as a Rock n’ Roll lifestyle could. A bass guitar was bought, several local bands were formed and then, with his mullet grown and a pair of skinny jeans, the inevitable move to London ensued.

Andy, nicknamed “Wal”, has carved out a successful career recording and touring with artists such as Gary Numan, Alison Moyet, Nasher, Cerys Matthews and Martin Joseph amongst others. Wal has also attained several recording credits for TV themes and adverts including “House” and film soundtracks such as “A Fish Called Wanda”. In addition he has also completed a lengthy spell in London’s West End playing in the acclaimed Beatles musical “All You Need is Love”.

Back at Neath Music the Krampera KVB system was set-up. The KVB 800 amplifier head, the B1T, 12” bass guitar cabinet with adjustable horn section and the B1B, 15” bass guitar cabinet made up the system.

Wal got straight into putting the system through its paces and began with an acoustic double bass equipped with a pick-up. Immediately the lucidity, definition and tonal qualities of the instrument were apparent with a very linear and smooth response. No part of the sound exhibited any form of “peakiness”.

Moving on to electric basses Wal was immediately impressed with the power and definition offered by such a compact unit. After a lengthy spell of evaluation, which included switching between his existing backline and the Krampera rig, the opinion was that the old backline rig was bass heavy, woolly and lacked the definition, control and the overall balance of the Krampera system.

Everybody agreed that the Krampera KVB Bass Amplification System bought a new level of quality and performance to the table and the meeting concluded with Wal stating the he would love the opportunity to take the rig on tour to evaluate it in a “real environment”. Hasty agreements and arrangements were put together and the Krampera KVB Bass Amplification System is about to hit the road for the Shakin’ Stevens 30th anniversary tour, encompassing the UK, Europe and various festivals.

Andy “Wal” Coughlan will be the first professional session and touring bassist to utilise the Krampera rig and he has agreed to provide a blog of his time on tour. This will appear online shortly and will be updated regularly.